Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Friday, May 18, 2018

Art: Metal Mermaids for MerMay

It's that time of the year when an ancient call once again comes from the ocean depths, and artists are compelled to draw mermaids, mermaids, and also mermaids. So here is my little contribution to MerMay – metalhead mermaids and their song recommendations featuring bands from Greece, Austria, Italy, Germany, Finland, Netherlands, Switzerland, Norway, and Poland! ^u^

Click to enlarge!

Black Metal Mermaid

“Factory-made studs and horns? Please, I have my own. Also, don't hug me.”

Thursday, May 17, 2018

Nana [Daily Photo #777]

Hmmm, what could be the subject of my daily photo today? Flowers? Food? Books? Ohhh wait a minute. I just finished volume 11 of Nana by Ai Yazawa today, and which number is the Nana number? 7! “Nana” means 7 in Japanese, and you see this number often in that manga series. The heroines live on the 7th floor in apartment 707, the author was born on March 7th, 1967, and in the volume I read today the number 777 was mentioned. And today's daily photo happens to be #777! Q.E.D. I HAD to make it Nana-themed. =D

So, here are some simple Nana pics.

Bird Cherry Flowers [Daily Photo #776]

Bird cherries (Prunus padus) are blooming now!
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